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Italy. Vittorio Emanuele II. 10 Lire 1865

Italy. Vittorio Emanuele II. 10 Lire 1865

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Italy. Vittorio Emanuele II, 1861-1878. 10 Lire 1865. (Gold, 18.50 mm, 3.15 g), Torino mint. Obverse: Head of Vittorio Emanuele II facing left; 1865 in exergue. Reverse: REGNO D’ITALIA Enwreathed arms of the House of Savoy decorated with the Collar of Annunziata; T and BN in exergue. Designed by Giuseppe Ferraris. Cfr. CNI 58; Pagani 27, 478; Simonetti 7/2; Montenegro 158; Friedberg 15. Very Fine. Very rare.


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