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Vatican. Pius XII, 1939-1958

Vatican. Pius XII, 1939-1958

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Eugenio Pacelli from Rome. Silver Medal, 1940 Year II. "For a Just Peace" Rome Mint. (Silver, 39.19 g. 44 mm) By Aurelio Mistruzzi. PIVS XII PONTIFEX MAXIMVS A II. Bust right, wearing stole and zucchetto; MISTRUZZI below.  Rev. OPVS IVST I TIAE PAX. Justice, holding scales, seated facing on throne inscribed IVSTITIA and CHARITAS; at her feet, Chaos being stomped upon. F. Bartolotti, La Medaglia Annuale dei Romani Pontefici da Paolo V a Paolo VI (Rimini 1967) p. 369, E 940;  A. Rinaldi, Catalogo delle Medaglie Papali Annuali da Pio VII a Paolo VI, (Verona 1967) n. 134. Inside original red leather case decorated with the gold-plated coat of arms of Pius XII. Iridescent patina. Gem Uncirculated. Lustrous and prooflike. Rare. Minted in 2095 pieces.


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