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Vatican. John XXIII, 1958-1963

Vatican. John XXIII, 1958-1963

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Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli from Sotto il Monte. Annual gold medal 1960, year II of pontificate. Consecration of missionary bishops. (Gold, 62.90 g. 44 mm.) By Aurelio Mistruzzi. Obverse: IOANNES XXIII PONTIFEX MAXIMVS ANNO II. Bust of Giovanni XXIII with zucchetto, mozzetta and stole embroidered with the figures of the Apostles in an oval and St. Peter's nacelle; on the shoulder cut MISTRUZZI. Reverse: MISSIONALIS ORBIS EPISCOPOS. The Pope seated on a throne in front of an altar, surrounded by bishops with mitre, chasuble and crosier in his left hand; to his right two consecrators in cope; in exergue POSTRID·NON·MAI·MCMLX (8 May 1960) CONSERCRAVIT. F. Bartolotti, La Medaglia Annuale dei Romani Pontefici da Paolo V a Paolo VI, Rimini 1967, pag. 391 n. E 960; A. Rinaldi, Catalogo delle Medaglie Papali Annuali da Pio VII a Paolo VI, Verona 1967, n. 154.
PROOF - Fondo a Specchio – Flan bruni

Inside original white leather case decorated with the gold-plated papal coat of arms of Pope John XXIII. Extremely rare medal. Only 30 examples minted.


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