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Clemens X, 1670-1676

Clemens X, 1670-1676

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Medal year IIII of pontificate. (Bronze, 19.65 g. 35 mm). By Giovanni Hamerani. Obv.: CLEMENS X PONT MAX AN IIII. Bust right with mozzetta and stole decorated with arabesques; below the truncated arm, IO HAMERANVS F. Rev.: VT ABVNDANTIVS HABEANT. Personification of Abundance seated, turned to the right, holding a cornucopia in one hand and a bunch of ears of corn in the other; in front of her is a scene of the harvesting of grain. Börner L., Bestandskataloge des Münzkabinetts Berlin. Die Italienischen Medaillen der Renaissance und des Barock (1450 bis 1750). Band 5, (Berlin 1997) no. 1221; Miselli W., Il Papato dal 1669 al 1700 Attraverso le Medaglie (Pavia 2001) p. 45, no. 43. Extremely fine plus


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