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Zeugitania. Carthage, circa 290-270 BC

Zeugitania. Carthage, circa 290-270 BC

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Stater (Electrum, 18.50 mm, 7.41 g). Head of Tanit to left, wearing grain wreath, triple-pendant earring and pearl necklace with ten pendants. Rev.: Horse standing to right on a single exergual line; no visible pellets. Cf. Jenkins G. K. & Lewis R. B. Carthaginian Gold and Electrum Coins, group VII, 316; Alexandropoulos J., Les Monnaies de l’Afrique Antique 400 av. J.-C. – 40 ap. J.-C., p. 365, n. 13. Clearly struck and with a powerful obverse. Very minor die deposits on the obverse, otherwise, good very fine/about extremely fine.


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