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Alexius I Comnenus, 1081-1119

Alexius I Comnenus, 1081-1119

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Hyperpyron (Gold, 26.78 mm, 4.45 g). Thessalonica, post-reform issue, circa 1092-1118. +KEPO HΘЄI Christ Pantocrator nimbated and seated on a regal bench with two pelleted horizontal slats, facing but with all his body leaning to left, blessing with the right hand extended and in typical fingers position, the right arm onwards, the left foot slightly raised, holding book of gospels decorated with pellets in the left hand on his lap. IC – XC on top left and right, all within double dotted circle. Rev. A ΛЄ ΞI ω ΔЄC ΠO T to left in seven lines; Tω KO MNH N ω to right in five lines. Alexius bearded standing facing, wearing cross crown with pearl pendants and touched by the Manus Dei coming out of a cloud on top to right, wearing three pellets collar, clamys and a large cloak bordered with pellets, holding a long pelleted and X-shaped labarum in the right hand and globus cruciger on the left hand and on a cloak flap, all within double dotted circle. DOC 20k. Sear 1924. Good Very Fine.


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