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Girolama Colonna, 16th century

Girolama Colonna, 16th century

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Daughter of Ascanio Colonna and Giovanna of Aragon, wife of Camillo Pignatelli, she composed poetry and devoted herself to astrology. Bronze medal (37.86 mm.) By Domenico Poggini (circa 1520-1590) Obv.: HIERON COL ARAGON. Bust to left with hair gathered up by ribbon, soft chignon and earrings. Rev.: PVDICITIA. Personification of Pudicitia standing frontally, turned to the left, lifting the robe with the right. Armand A., Les Médailleurs italiens des quinzième et seizième siècles (Paris 1883) vol. I, p. 191, no. 22; Alvarez-Ossorio F., Catálogo de las medallas de los siglos XV y XVI conservadas en el Museo Arqueológico Nacional (Madrid 1950) p. 129, ascribed to Pastorino; Toderi G., Vannell F., Le Medaglie Italiane del XVI Secolo (Firenze 2000) no. 1475. Rare. A very fine original cast.


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