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Corinthia, Corinth, Mid 4th century BC

Corinthia, Corinth, Mid 4th century BC

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Stater (Silver, 20.5 mm, 8.56 g). Pegasos, with pointed wing, flying to left; below, Ϙ. Rev. Δ Head of Athena to left, wearing a Corinthian helmet with a leather neck guard, and a pearl necklace; behind neck, I and statue of Athena Nikephoros standing left, holding Nike in her right hand and long spear with her left. Ravel, O. E., Les "Poulains" de Corinthe. Monographie des statères corinthiens. Tomo II. de 414 à 300 av. J. C. (London, 1948) n. 1082; Calciati R., Pegasi. (Mortara 1990) p. 270 n. 458; Münzen von Korinth: Sammlung BCD. Numismatik Lanz, auction 105 (München, 26 November 2001) n. 134. Toned, underlying luster, Extremely fine.


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