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Francesco de Larderel, 1789-1858. Count of Montecerboli

Francesco de Larderel, 1789-1858. Count of Montecerboli

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A promoter of the boric acid industry, he became the largest entrepreneur in Grand Ducal Tuscany. Silver Medal. (Silver, 60.80 g. 51.52 mm) By Carlo Voigt. FRANCESCO DE LARDEREL CONTE DI MONTECERBOLI, C VOIGT. Bust to left. Rev.: NUOVE ARTI E RICCHEZZE EBBE DA LUI TOSCANA; 1858 in exergue. Female figure seated towards the right on a memorial stone on which is engraved LARDERELLO CASTEL NUOV SASSO MONTE ROT LAGO ETC. In front of her, a female figure seated and leaning against a rock holds a cornucopia in her right hand; boraciferous fumes coming out from a tall chimney. Camozzi 1886 n. 959; Forrer vol VI, n. 310; Martini 5/3, 2816. Attractive old cabinet toning. Light graffiti on edge, otherwise good extremely fine. Very rare.


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