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Calabria. Tarentum. Punic occupation, circa 212-209 BC

Calabria. Tarentum. Punic occupation, circa 212-209 BC

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Reduced Nomos or Half-Shekel (Silver, 3.83 g. 19.5 mm). Warrior, wearing full armor, holding filleted palm frond, on horse walking right; ΣΩKΛN-NΛΣ below. Rev. Phalanthos, holding kantharos and trident, riding dolphin left; to right, eagle standing left, wings spread. Ravel O., Descriptive Catalogue of the Collection of Tarentine Coins formed by M. P. Vlasto (London 1947) n. 984; Rutter K., Burnett A. M., Crawford M. H., Johnston A. E. M., Jessop Price M. (editors), Historia Numorum, Italy (The British Museum Press 1990), n. 1082. A few light scratches on reverse, otherwise, Virtually as struck.
From a Swiss collection formed before 2005.


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